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LATISM Conference in Pictures

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By Mari D. González

I attended the Latino2 Silicon Valley Conference on Saturday, June 11, 2011 in  Mountain View, CA and below are my pictures.

LATISM is the largest organization of Latino/Hispanic professionals engaged in social media.

Ana Roca-Castro, LATISM founder, opened the event.

Giovanni Rodriguez, LATISM board member, explaining that Latinos are getting older slower, joining social media faster, and clicking more.

Our Key-Note Speaker, Brian Solis, Social Media Strategist and author of Engage.

The largest age segment of social media users are females between 40-59.

Brian Solis on his way out. I was able to get this picture with him.

Ana presented the most popular social network sites by Latinos with Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube topping the list, and LinkedIn in fourth place.

Juan Sepulveda from the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics.

Mr. Sepulveda took the social media off-line and lead us into small group discussions. His question was: With respect to technology, social media, and education, what should we start doing?

My unofficial mentor and a great colleague, Cynthia Mackey, and I at the end of the conference.

Latino2 was one of the most interactive, inspiring, and fun conferences I have ever attended.

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