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What Makes Latinos, Hispanic?

By Mari D. González

What Makes Latinos, Hispanic?

It is their pride of their culture of origin, their personal stories before coming to  the U.S. and the similar challenges faced once here.

PR Newswire's meet the media

PR Newswire’s meet the media (Photo credit: robinhamman)

And, PR Newswire knows it.  Their invitation for Hispanicize 2013 conference participants to showcase their national flag along with “Thier Historia,” is a great example of cultural relevance that promotes conversation in the conference and on social media.

Here is their call to action: “PR Newswire, a long-time sponsor of Hispanicize, invites Hispanicize
2013 attendees to stop by booth #8 to collect a Latin American flag sticker they can attach to their PRN “Share Your Historia” pin. PR Newswire also invites everyone to “Share Your Historia” via Twitter, hashtag: #shareyourhistoria, telling us why they retain a strong affinity to Hispanic culture.”

Note that the post does not say “collect your Hispanic flag,” but Latin American flag. Thus, when we talk about Hispanics, in reality we are talking about Latinos or people with origins in Latin America.

Hispanic Marketing in Quotes

English: CEO of the Salt Lake Organizing Commi...

By Mari D. González

THE PREMISE: “America’s corporations can no longer ignore Hispanic marketing like Mitt Romney did.”

THE RELUCTANCE: “Companies [have failed] to understand the importance of being culturally relevant because they first-and-foremost have their brand’s interests – rather than Hispanic consumer’s cultural values, preferences and passion points – at heart.” Armando Azarloza

THE CHALLENGE:  “Companies are deprived of diversity in leadership, [thus] lack the imagination, creativity, authenticity and innovation to market to today’s fast growing demographic shift.”

AND THE GOOD NEWS:  “Hispanic small businesses are growing at twice the rate of the national average – generating over $350B in annual revenues (that some estimate is closer to $650B).”

Quotes from Forbes’, November 12, 2012, article by Glenn Llopis

Key Findings on the 52 Million Hispanics

Percentage of Hispanic or Latino residents by ...

By Mari D. González

The Pew Hispanic Center has published a new report on the Latino/Hispanic population based on the U.S. Census 2011.

Some of the key findings are:

1. Hispanics today make up 17% of the U.S. population, up from 13% in 2000.

2. The share of the nation’s Hispanics who are U.S. born has been on the rise since 2000.

3. 65% of the U.S. Hispanic population is of Mexican origin.

4. Two-thirds of Hispanics live in Illinois, Texas, California, Florida and New York.

5. Minnesota, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Arkansas have seen the fastest growth since 2000.

6. The Hispanic population is the nation’s youngest major racial or ethnic group: Hispanics, 27; Blacks, 33; Asians, 36, and Whites 42.

7. The majority speak English “very well/only English at home.”

8. College attainment and enrollment have also been on the rise for Hispanics: 10% in 2000 and 13% in 2011 graduated from college; and 20% in 2000 and 33% in 2011 were enrolled as undergraduate, graduate or professional student.