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intercultural training

We help companies move beyond recognizing differences (diversity and inclusion) into providing the skills needed for a diverse workforce to communicate and engage effectively with administrators, coworkers, vendors, and customers. We provide training and consulting to small companies whose employees or clients are highly diverse.

When employees acquire intercultural communication skills, a company with a diverse workforce can​

  • Keep the lines of communication open between employees and managers

  • Increase productivity

  • Raise employee integrity and responsibility

  • Reduce employees’ errors

  • Promote more efficient team work

  • Increase confidence and produce a healthier work environment

why intercultural training

To empower diverse teams with communication skills that transcend cultural barriers through tailored hands-on training developed with input from managers and employees and designed to align with the organization’s current initiatives and long term strategies.

Intercultural communication is a continuous cycle of individual awareness, dialogue, and practice that reduces confusion, frustration, and misunderstandings resulting in more efficient team work leading to higher moral, smoother operations, and increased work productivity.

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