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I Thought Hispanic Marketing Was Hot

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From 2013 to 2015, I became an online Hispanic marketing consultant and taught social media and global marketing. My research was fresh and relevant and I still found online communication interesting and enticing to continue studying and teaching about it. The most fascinating for me was not necessarily marketing but culture, mostly cross-cultural analysis on how people from different parts of the world engaged online. I even wanted to pursue a PhD in that subject to further research it. I applied to a doctorate program in Germany, but was not “shortlisted.”

I took up Hispanic Marketing even though I found marketing the cheesiest–blatantly inauthentic–area in communications. The demand for bilingual marketers was high up to 2015. Many companies wanted their piece of the Hispanic market pie.

Yet, Hispanic marketing as a field was in the process of disappearing. It was being diluted and forming what is now “integrated” or “total marketing.” In 2011, the prediction was that due to demographics,the majority of Latinos were bilingual without necessarily being assimilated. Latinos, mostly the ones of Mexican descent, were integrating into the U.S.-mainstream and at the same time keeping their Latino roots.

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